Ngutuni Lodge

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  • In the middle of the Ngutuni sanctuary sits the Ngutuni lodge, a majestic form of architecture that leaves travelers and locals alike in awe of its features. The open entrance that welcomes you brings you straight to the reception area and restaurant that overlooks the waterhole right at ts eye. The restaurant that is themed on baobab wood and has a fine touch of class and elegance isĀ  absolutely charming and classy. The lodge is a place of peace and tranquility and the right spot to rejuvenate as well as connect with your inner self. With no connection from the outside world, one is completely cut off from networks and wi-fi or the modern forms of technology. It gives a person a chance to rediscover themselves as they enjoy the array of delicious meals prepared by well-able chefs, the drinks that are found in the bar and night game drives that enable guests see the animals in their natural habitats.


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