Desert Rose Hotel

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  • Just 2minutes away from Voi town sits the desert rose hotel, a classy hotel with the 90s look. The hotel is settled next to the road just as one gets into Voi town, it offers great accommodation and meals as well as several services. The hotel offers great services as from the ell boy services to the welcoming package offered by its staff. The rooms are quite spacious and enjoy the cool tsavo air with Voi town at your reach.

    Enjoy the various delicacies that are provided by the hotels restaurant and get the full Kenyan experience. Meals are prepared as per order and you are guaranteed that they will prepare it with precision and great professionalism. Get a taste of the bar which is adjacent to the hotel where you can enjoy some rhumba music, the famous Kenyan nyama choma and a drink , from the beer to the vodka. Get the full Kenyan experience.


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