LAKE CHALA, The mystical waterbody!

 Lake Chala, also known as Dschalla, is a crater lake that sits on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Shared between the two countries the lake is estimately 8 km from the Kenyan Taveta town and 55 km from the great town of Moshi Tanzania.

The beknown caldera lake is fed by underground water flows which emanate from the great kilimanjaro. The caldera is formed when a mass of land collapses due to gigantic volcanic eruption which most claim is due to the lake’s proximity to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

From turquoise to green to deep blue the lake’s color varies depending on the time of the year. This makes it quite the stop over as the sight is one to behold especially with it surrounded by about 100m of a high crater rim which makes it magnificent.

The lake provides a great place for an ecotour for its landscape is breathtaking. Such a great place for bird watching for it harbors numerous birds’ species and has its fair share of wildlife. It has a great campsite area with a warm hospitality from both the fishermen at the lake and the Chala Lake Lodge & Campsite present.

Alot of superstition surrounds the lake as the natives believe that a whole group of the Maasai community village drowned or as they put it, disappered into the lake. Its said their spirits still linger around haunting the lake till date!

          Basically, the lake and its environs are very scenic, ideal for lovers of panoramic viewing it provides and so its advisable to take a trip down to Taveta and have a bewildering day trip with family or & friends and take time off unwind from all the hustle and bustles of your daily life.

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