The Marvel of Wesu Peak

The Taita Hills are one of the most beautiful places in Kenya for adventure travel and scenic tours. They consist of three isolated massifs (a compound group of mountains) – Dawida, Sagalla and Kasighau. Dawida is the largest of the three and it’s made up of four main peaks – Vuria, Iyale, Wesu and Susu.

Today we focused on the Wesu peak (hill).
Wesu hill a massive rock outcrop with most part of it covered with green vegetation, has slopes that are densely populated that practices intensive and extensive farming on them. Footpaths meander all the way to the peak and if you can find your way to the top you will come across what most would not encounter in their whole lifetime.

The scenic view and bird-life is to die for. The mix of bird species is dumbfounding that not even words can describe. Wesu hill is an illus-tration of the country’s rich tourist attraction sites. For those into bird-watching and rock climbing they need not to worry for the iconic hill has that sorted. This is a place where all nature admires should visit before they expire!

Apart from the mental serenity and peace offered by the mountain plus the rich heritage of the Taita people overwhelming its slopes, it offers a fun way of exercising especially for those who dare to hike it. You get to exercise by default since by foot is the only way to explore the hill and access the peak. This is a destination that should definitely be in your to-go list.

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