Rhino Valley Lodge: An escape into the Wild

Don’t we all love a little get-away? Either some time off from the daily hassles or to just unwind and reset, every hardworking person deserves a vacation. So what’s your ideal get away? Nature walks? Some time out in the wild? Game drive? Maybe some bird watching? If your answer was either or, better yet, all the above, then your ideal destination would most definitely be the Rhino Valley Lodges.

Located deep within the heart of Tsavo West, the lodge is forty kilometers away from the park’s Mtito-Andei entrance. The drive to the resort is perfect for any flora-fauna enthusiast. The breath of fresh air from the plains and the savannah is so welcoming and relaxes you as you cruise past the vast variety of rare plants and wildlife the park has to offer. The singing of numerous birds would definitely serenade your city blues away and get you better en-tuned with mother nature.

And after about half an hour’s drive, the resort will be gesturing a welcoming smiling as you drive on a curve around the ever majestic Ngulia hills, on which its ribs the resort is built on… not too far up, not on the foot either.

The resort, by its making, is a perfect blend of traditional African architecture and modern safari cottages. The stones that make the walls were artistically crafted from the volcanic rock, carefully laid one over the other leaving it with that “wow”-ish look. The makuti-thatched roof adds that Swahili feel to it.

At the lobby’s entrance, stands a ginormous, very old baobab tree that houses hundreds of the African yellow-weaver birds. The floor is mazeras-made, from the lobby up to the dining hall entrance where you’ll suddenly hear hearty thuds as your feet meets the mahogany-wooden floor that covers the entire dining area. The acoustic from beneath the floor is just magnificent. Add that to the scenic view you get from there, breath-taking!

The fresh water that feeds the resort comes straight from the peaks of the Ngulia hills, snaking its way down, right through the resort, leaving small pools and aquarium that homes quite a number of fresh water crabs, fish amongst other aquatic lives. The small streams continues down to fill a drinking fountain right below the resort, from where thousands of animals drink from.

The lodge has quite an array of rooms, all tailored to suit you needs. There are the Ss at the lower most part of the premise. They consist of single and double-bed rooms. They have the best view of the sunrise over the resort from their position and are most suitable for the ‘lone-wolves’ or anyone more ‘modest’. There are the A’s, they are either double or triple-bed rooms.  They are most ideal for families as they also come with fully furnished and fitted kitchenette. They also have small fridges inside with both sort drinks and hard liquors, your choice.

The second row has the D’s, they too are double and triple-bed rooms. They offer a nice view of the resort’s landscape and the park below. Right above them, is the honey-mooners’ cottage. Though under renovation at the time of my stay, the room offers the best scenic view and is the most magnificent by design. It’s a self-contained room and from its vantage point, you get the best view of the entire premise plus the park below.

Every room is African-themed; from the walls, skin-made doors, the arts, floors, mats, beddings… everything. African prints, African styled. The dimmed lights make every room’s theme pop and ambience heavenly as you wish it to be.

The landscaping within the premise is truly astonishing. The walks are beautifully laid. They have a nice place specifically for night bon fires. The wall around is made nicely and circular and they have old capped-buffalo’s skulls for lampshades; creative! There is likewise another sitting and camping area on the hilly side of the resort. They have played well with the rocks, adding few blocks and mazeras floor to make that whole area seem more decent, beautiful and ideal for day camping or for just relaxing after a hike.

The staff there are super friendly. Their ‘so high-flying’ chef Solo specializes in both African and European cuisines. The vicinity is ridiculously serene and the rockiness of the area makes it a reptilian galore. Hundreds of lizards co-habit the surroundings along with hyraxes, squirrels and dik-diks. The variety of exotic birds housed by  trees around is any bird-watcher’s haven.

So, for someone who cant quite decide on an ideal get away, whether game drive, bird-watching or camping, just visit the Rhino Valley Lodges… they serve all in one scoop!

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