Vacani Resort: a game changer in local hospitality

I am seated at the lobby a few minutes past noon. Well it is not just any other lobby, It’s a decent, spacious and clean area, with great comfy seats in the shape of a hand, 3 pieces arranged neatly along the edges. At the re-ception desk is an artificial indoor waterfall that easily steals guests attention.

A woman, walks in towards the reception Desk. She stops and with a glimmering face looking here and there, hand around her waist she quips, unbelievingly, “Is this Really in Voi? Wow!”
The waiter decently donned in an African themed outfit and with a wide smile, gently replies, “Yes this is Voi, Karibu Vacani Madam”
Basically what makes her wonder, whether or not she is in Voi, is the magnificence of the recent player in the hospitality industry. The Vacani Resort.

About a year old now, and of-course still at the completion phase, this resort has caused a buzz in, around and about town. Am confident enough, generally it’s flair and the beauty of its architecture has equally gone beyond the local borders. There is no doubt, this is a true pace setter, even though still a few phases from a fully-fledged operations as envisioned.
Meanwhile, be sure to catch up some great delicacies, sip your favorite wine or beer, spend in spacious rooms, hold executive conferences, stage weddings and events, get a dip in the clear blue pool, have a healthy mas-sage, team building activities, park visits excursions and much more.

With its convenient linear location along the busy Msa-Nairobi highway, just about 5 min drive off the Voi Town CBD , Vacani Resort arguably is the Gate into town and also cool Gate away out of Voi Town.

Sitting on a floor space of a about one acre, by and large it comfortably hosts a Restaurant, bar, conference rooms, Club and Swimming pool over 40 rooms categorized into singles, twin , executive, Deluxe rooms and apartments suites.
Day in, day out and with new finishing touches , the eventual aim is to have a touch of class realized in the End, from the physical structure to the services on offer, after all is said and Done.

Aside from the basics, what stands out is its pot shaped pool of course with a kids section, located adjacent to the garden area, they call it the Glory Gardens. A nice chill spot for you any day, any time with nice and soft mod-ern seats, classy glass tables, evenly and neatly dispersed across the section. The Glory Gardens magnifies the Resort as your next perfect event or hangout grounds for family and loved ones in general.

Interestingly the modern feel across the building has creatively been toned down by the earthly tinted tiles, delicate vases and pots that infuse a rustic feel, just to remind you-This is still Africa

The modern touch on various aspect of the building greatly gives it a cutting edge above other players locally. From the dining sets, stainless steel balcony bars, large sliding doors and windows bring a compact feet to just about everything Vacani.
Bearing in mind the valuation of the premise, which is obviously enormous. The developers i.e. The Mwalwalas’s, must have really meant and believed in this investment and most definitely in the hospitality industry regionally as well.
We can’t quite fully Review the entire resort just yet, bearing in mind the ambitious plans underway that will wrap up ideally all that Vacani Resort has offer hopefully before start of-2019.

There will more to write home, when all the flowers in the garden shall have blossomed. Meanwhile the doors are open and there is a lot you can enjoy as you await a lot more.

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